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Mountain Top Bookkeeping is focused on providing our clients with accurate, real time meaningful financial information to assist them in making important business decisions that will positively impact their business and help them grow. We will alert you to questionable transactions in your bank account, suspicious charges on your credit cards, expenses that need to be billed out to your clients and overdue invoices that need a friendly follow-up.

BOOKKEEPING - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annually

​Reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards
Invoicing & Accounts Receivable – We will get your invoices out promptly and send monthly statements.
Accounts Payable – We will record bills you receive from vendors. On a schedule set by you, we can prepare the payments for you through your bank’s bill pay system or through a third party vendor.
Interpret Financials - During our monthly review call we can help you interpret your financial information so you can make informed financial decisions; whether it’s a good time for a large purchase or ensuring that your products and service offerings are profitable.


Starting at $300/month

• Bank Reconciliation for one account
• Credit Card Reconciliation for one account

• Monthly Updates

​• Quarterly Financials


Starting at $650/month

• Bank Reconciliation
• Credit Card Reconciliation
• Vendor e-Payments
• Client Invoicing
• Weekly Updates
• Monthly Financials
• 1099 Tracking


Starting at $1,200/month

• Bank Reconciliation
• Credit Card Reconciliation 
• Vendor e-Payments
• Complex Invoicing and Friendly Payment Reminders
• Weekly Updates

• Monthly Financials

• 1099 Tracking

• Payroll 

• Year- End Tax Package

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